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4 Dentistry Steps Relieve Minneapolis TMJ Pain

Alleviate headaches with dentistry for MinneapolisAre you experiencing headaches or tightness in your jaw? Those qualified in this special field of dentistry help Minneapolis sufferers to relieve such pain. How is this possible?

Evaluation: When your jaw is not working in speech or chewing, in what position does it “rest”? Using specialized equipment Drs. Loween and Horn can discover how restful the resting position really is.

Diagnosis: The rest position for a jaw exists when your upper and lower teeth are not touching, with an air space of about one or two millimeters left between. If testing reveals you jaws muscles on both sides are not maintaining this position when at rest, it means they will strain or fatigue from overuse.

Symptoms: Do you catch yourself clenching your jaw or waking with a sore jaw? Migraines, tension headaches, tooth grinding, breathing problems, sleep disorders, facial pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, clicking or popping in the jaw and limited jaw movement can all be signs of temporomandibular joint damage (TMJ).

Solutions: At Serene Oaks Dental we can design custom oral splints that establish for you a healthier bite capable of easing tension and muscle strain.

This practice within dentistry helps Minneapolis patients protect not only their teeth, but also the overall quality of their life. Arrange your consult today!

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