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Celebrate CEREC Crowns with Cosmetic Dentist for Minneapolis

Cosmetic Dentist MinneapolisDental enamel is durable, but not indestructible. Sensitive underlying nerves may be on the verge of painful exposure! Your cosmetic dentist for Minneapolis advises immediate action! What can be done?

Symptoms of weak teeth: When eating, do you juggle to avoid biting with certain teeth because any increase in pressure equals discomfort? Does drinking hot coffee or cold water aggravate sensitive sections of your mouth? Drs. Horn and Loween can help you overcome such unpleasant conditions.

When teeth are weak, a dental crown is useful because its design allows it to surround and reinforce a vulnerable tooth. Instantly the biting surface becomes stronger and much less sensitive, while the original tooth remains preserved.

Treatment time: Serene Oaks Dental has proudly invested in CEREC – a custom CAD/CAM milling machine that can create an all-porcelain restoration right in the clinic. This same-day crown maximizes your time and comfort, while crafting a quality dental restoration just for you.

If a CEREC crown or restoration is deemed a good option for you, you’ll be interested to know many patients arrive on their lunch-break for treatment and then leave sporting their new CEREC crown! How would that quality of efficiency suit your lifestyle?

Call to book a consultation today and discover what an amazing cosmetic dentist can do! Minneapolis area residents should be thrilled to have both Drs. Horn and Loween available for all their dental needs.

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