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Give Your Teeth a Fighting Chance: Avoid These Dental Enemies

By Serene Oaks Dental

  Your teeth have many friends: toothpaste, floss, fluoride, water, healthy foods, and of course, your North Oaks Dentist, Dr. Horn! But did you know the health and well-being of your pearly whites could be under attack from dental enemies? It’s true! You might be able to identify a few smile nemeses – candy and soda might have […]

Vitamin D: Does it Help Fight Against Cavities?

By Serene Oaks Dental

As a parent, you simply want what’s best for your child, and that includes achieving a healthy set of teeth. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Your child’s desire for junk food, sugary drinks, and a general lack of enthusiasm towards brushing and flossing can pose challenges in accomplishing sound oral health. In fact, […]