Dr. Horn in a purple top in a field, with the text, Who is the best cosmetic dentist? Find out what AACD Fellowship means.

Dr. Horn’s AACD Fellowship: What It Means for Your Smile

By Serene Oaks Dental

We are proud to announce that our North Oaks dentist, Dr. Gesica Horn, recently achieved AACD Fellowship. Fellowship is the highest level of achievement recognized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the AACD website… (AACD). Dr. Horn is 1 in only 86 dentists worldwide who have accomplished […]

Dr. Horn in a navy dress smiling with the text "Dentistry can reverse signs of aging. How? Dr. Horn has the answer!"

Anti-Aging Dentistry: Your Long-Lasting, Non-Surgical Facelift

By Serene Oaks Dental

The hands of time can be unfair, making you look older than you truly are or are at heart. Cosmetic procedures like Botox® and lip injections can help you restore your youthful appearance, but only temporarily. These require repeat treatments, quickly adding up in costs. If you wanted to reverse signs of aging permanently, you […]

A woman who is unhappy with her smile covering her mouth

Are You a Candidate for Life-Changing Cosmetic Dentistry?

By Serene Oaks Dental

A beautiful and healthy smile is an incredible asset at any age. But, a recent poll revealed that a whopping 80% of us are unhappy with our smiles.  Whether we have been putting up with a smile flaw that has been bothering us since we were a child or experiencing the natural wear that happens with […]

girl looking at her dental bonding in mirror

Recharge Your Smile with Dental Bonding [Infographic]

By Serene Oaks Dental

How do you feel when you look at your smile in the mirror? Do you love it? Or do you notice flaws, such as chips, excessive wear, or gaps? You may be surprised to learn minor cosmetic flaws in your smile can be corrected without expensive, painful, or invasive treatments! Dental bonding is a conservative, efficient, affordable […]