Would You Be Able to Recognize Oral Cancer?

By Serene Oaks Dental

Oral cancer is deadly and it’s on the rise! Smoking and drinking alcohol can put you at high risk for developing this cancer, but there are many who are not a part of this “high risk” group who have also been affected by it. National Oral Cancer Awareness Week is April 8th-15th. Would you know […]

The Twin Cities Oral Cancer Awareness Walk/Fun Run

By Serene Oaks Dental

In conjunction with The Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), the Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Minnesota Dental Assistants Association will once again be hosting the 2nd Annual Twin Cities Oral Cancer Awareness Walk on Saturday October 27, 2012. The Walk/Fun Run will take place around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Gesica Horn and her […]

A smiling older man illustrates that we do oral cancer screanings

Is Oral Cancer Lurking In My Mouth?

By Serene Oaks Dental

Anything with the word “cancer” attached strikes fear. Serene Oaks Dental feels, however, a responsibility to educate residents of Minneapolis about Oral Cancer Screening because it could save your life! It’s estimated that if found at an early stage of development, oral cancers have an 80 to 90% survival rate. Unfortunately, the majority of cases are found as late-stage cancers, […]