Would You Be Able to Recognize Oral Cancer?

By Serene Oaks Dental

Oral cancer is deadly and it’s on the rise! Smoking and drinking alcohol can put you at high risk for developing this cancer, but there are many who are not a part of this “high risk” group who have also been affected by it. National Oral Cancer Awareness Week is April 8th-15th. Would you know […]

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Experience Complete Care for You and Your Family With Comprehensive Dentistry

By Serene Oaks Dental

Comprehensive dentistry is complete dentistry, whether that includes a single tooth or multiple teeth.  It focuses on underlying causes… finding the optimum solution… and promoting prevention. Whether you need restorative care for damaged, decayed teeth, or you are an empty-nester who now has the opportunity to have the cosmetic dentistry treatment you’ve always wanted, comprehensive […]

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Give Your Teeth a Fighting Chance: Avoid These Dental Enemies

By Serene Oaks Dental

  Your teeth have many friends: toothpaste, floss, fluoride, water, healthy foods, and of course, your North Oaks Dentist, Dr. Horn! But did you know the health and well-being of your pearly whites could be under attack from dental enemies? It’s true! You might be able to identify a few smile nemeses – candy and soda might have […]