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Why is my dentist asking me about my swimming pool?

With this crazy heat wave, many people are hitting the pool to keep cool.  Some of these people could be putting their dental health at risk.

If the chemistry of a pool is not monitored the water can become very acidic.  The pool water can literally erode away a lot of dental enamel!  The loss of enamel can make teeth sensitive, weak, discolored and prone to decay.

This is not just a risk to competitive swimmers who spend a lot of time in the pool.  Pool water with a pH lower than 6-6.8 is a risk to our teeth.  Guess what, even lakes can have a low pH due to acid rain!

So, my advice… Keep your mouth closed when you’re swimming and get your pool water tested regularly!  Make sure you brush, floss and come in for your regular check ups for us to examine.  Stay cool and we’ll see you soon at Serene Oaks Dental!

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