Why X-rays at Certain Intervals are Important

By Serene Oaks Dental

Patients often have the misconception that if a dental office says you are due for x-rays but their insurance coverage doesn’t correlate with that recommended interval, it must not be necessary. Unfortunately, that is not true. The American Dental Association, as well as the universities that train dentists, recommend yearly bite wing x-rays as well as full mouth series every three years. The reasons for these recommendations are multiple. The mouth is a very volatile environment. It is constantly inhabited by bacteria which can cause not only cavities but also infections in the jaw bone and gum tissue. Due to our diet and home care routine, we may or may not be taking care of our mouth well enough. If x-rays are not consulted on a small enough window of time, cavities and or infections may be missed and continue to get to a level that could have been prevented. Full mouth series of x-rays not only help diagnose cavities and infections, but also cysts and tumors. If the three year interval is extended and something such as a cyst or tumor is growing, it could potentially be life-threatening.  Panorex x-rays can sometimes even detect calcifications in caratid arteries and help the dentist refer you sooner to a cardiologist.

We understand the need insurance companies have to place limits based on the level of the policy.  At Serene Oaks Dental we will consult diagnostic tools and recommend treatment based on the needs of the patient and help you understand the status of your own oral  and overall health.  Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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