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Going to the dentist is no longer just about teeth. It’s about giving you a handcrafted smile you love, so you enjoy life’s every moment.

Dr. Horn’s skill in creating natural-looking cosmetic dentistry results is unmatched.

She’s one of only 86 dentists worldwide to achieve the high distinction of Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the AACD website….

What does this mean for you?

  • Recommendations based on years of experience, training, and education
  • Personalized treatments to focus on your unique facial features
  • Results that’ll look flawless, help you look younger, and improve your oral health and function

Take a look at our portfolio of before-and-after cases to see for yourself.

Drs. Horn and Loween focus on “big-picture dentistry,” which means we:

  • First, have a visual discussion with you, where you show us what you want to be changed, improved, or removed
  • Then, use modern technology to dive deeper and look into your bite, alignment, function, etc.
  • Lastly, provide solutions that achieve more than surface-level results

More importantly, we’re transparent with you at all times. You’ll always know what to expect, such as the anticipated outcome and longevity of your treatments.

Why don’t all dentists do this?

Our Minnesota dentists have a substantial amount of post-doctorate, advanced education that not all dentists have. Their impressive resumes include:

Their exposure to high-level dentistry is far beyond your average dentist. Feel confident knowing Drs. Horn and Loween’s dental care is backed by extensive training and resources from across the world.

When we say you’ll experience a new kind of dentistry at Serene Oaks Dental, we aren’t just talking about teeth.

Drs. Horn and Loween designed our office with your comfort in mind. We help you relax by:

  • Giving you a personal concierge (aka care coordinator) to help you through it all
  • Offering spa amenities, including paraffin max, eye masks, warming slippers, and aromatherapy
  • Giving you headphones if you wish to listen to music or watch a movie during your treatment
  • Using gentle techniques and modern technology for more comfortable procedures

Our team also spends time getting to know you and understanding your needs and concerns. We hope to build a relationship that’ll make it feel like you’re coming to visit a trusted friend, not a dentist.

Dr. Horn and Dr. Loween posing right next to each other

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