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Could Your Headaches Be Caused By Your Teeth?

By Serene Oaks Dental

Did you know frequent headaches are often treated more effectively by your dentist than your doctor? Many experience pain caused by what are known as “dental headaches.” This pain can be from light to severe, sometimes resulting in migraines, and ranges from being occasional to being a daily occurrence. If you are a headache sufferer, […]

The Secrets Behind Making Your Age Just a Number

By Serene Oaks Dental

You don’t feel your age, so why should you look your age? Ask almost anyone over the age of 40 to tell you what people guess their age to be. On average, it’s seven to 10 years younger than their actual, biological age. Do you know what that means? Our sense of age is changing. […]

Would You Be Able to Recognize Oral Cancer?

By Serene Oaks Dental

Oral cancer is deadly and it’s on the rise! Smoking and drinking alcohol can put you at high risk for developing this cancer, but there are many who are not a part of this “high risk” group who have also been affected by it. National Oral Cancer Awareness Week is April 8th-15th. Would you know […]

How to Help Your Child Through Important Dental Milestones

By Serene Oaks Dental

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so it’s a good time to stop and examine the progress of your child’s dental health. From the time a baby’s first teeth erupt until the appearance of their wisdom teeth, keeping a child’s dental care on track will affect not only their smile and oral health but […]

Get Your Smile Ready for Holiday Selfies With These Two Easy Fixes

By Serene Oaks Dental
Is your smile ready for all those holiday selfies?

It’s that time of year again when we get to spend some great quality time with friends and family. Along with all the hugs, laughter and catching up on the latest news, there will also be the inevitable family photos and selfie shots to commemorate the occasion. In anticipation of these candid shots, many of […]

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