Prepless Veneers

The noninvasive alternative to porcelain veneers.

Small Changes, Dramatic Results

Achieve your dream smile without removing tooth structure.

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Prepless veneers are the minimally invasive way to improve your teeth. They’re thin, tooth-colored shells placed on the front of your teeth to alter its appearance.

It saves your natural tooth structure and is reversible, so you’ll be able to enjoy your brand new smile with no regrets.

Prepless veneers fix smile flaws, including:

  • Chipped, cracked, or worn-down teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Stains and discoloration

Serene Oaks Dental is one of the few dental facilities that offer high-quality dental veneers. This cosmetic treatment requires specific training that Dr. Gesica Horn has achieved.

She’s a Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry…Click to open Dr. Horn’s AACD profile in a new window… (only one in 86 dentists!) and has the skill and artistry to custom design your new smile.

Discover how she’ll enhance your smile now.

Invest in Yourself

You'll love your new smile.

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Unlike porcelain veneers, none of your tooth enamel is removed for this cosmetic treatment.

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No Regrets

Prepless veneers are reversible. You’ll enjoy a brand new smile with no pressure to commit permanently.

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Natural Looking

Your veneers will be customized to enhance your youthfulness. Everyone will think they’re your natural teeth!

I was so fearful of having any dentistry done because of seeing others have their teeth mutilated just to get veneers. Once Dr. Horn showed me examples of other cases of hers and I understood that she was not going to remove any of my tooth structure, I was sold!

Robyn, Actual Prepless Veneers Patient

New Smile, New You
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Prepless Veneers FAQs

Answered by our ACCD Fellow, Dr. Horn.

What’s the difference between porcelain veneers and prepless veneers?

Prepless veneers are similar in function and aesthetic to porcelain veneers.

The biggest difference between the two is the preparation.

Prepless veneers require little prep work. The placement procedure is quicker and can be more comfortable than traditional veneers. The treatment is conservative and preserves your tooth’s enamel.

Porcelain veneers require shaving a small amount of your tooth’s enamel to make room for a custom-made, thin layer of porcelain material.

How long do prepless veneers last?

Prepless veneers last anywhere from 7 to 10 years on average.


Make sure to take care of your veneers as you would with your regular teeth. It’s important to avoid biting down on hard or sticky foods that could damage your smile!

What’s a good age to get veneers?

Many dental professionals recommend being at least 18 years old to get prepless veneers. There are no specific restrictions but it’s best to wait for all of your permanent teeth to come in before pursuing cosmetic work.

In addition:

We’ll thoroughly examine your oral health and dental history before beginning your treatment.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! Our office is conveniently located in North Oaks, MN, and happily welcomes patients from the neighboring communities in the Minneapolis area, including White Bear Lake, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Shoreview, and Arden Hills.

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