How Cosmetic Dentistry Gave Dr. Loween a Beautiful Smile & Comfortable Bite (Before & After Photos)

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Have you noticed a change in the condition of your smile, but haven’t mentioned it to your dentist?

Do you feel your dental treatment isn’t working the way you thought it would?

If so, you’re not alone.

Our very own Dr. Chad Loween used braces over the past two years, yet he still wasn’t totally comfortable with his bite.

“I felt that I had to push my lower jaw forward constantly. I didn’t feel pain, but I was experiencing tension in my facial muscles. Also, I needed to squeeze my jaw to get my back teeth to touch.”

Keep reading to see how Dr. Horn helped Dr. Loween achieve a beautiful, comfortable smile again. The before-and-after images speak for themselves!

The Problem

Being a Minneapolis dentist himself, Dr. Loween understands the importance of discussing changes in dental health or expectations before things can get worse.

When Dr. Loween mentioned discomfort with his bite to Dr. Gesica Horn, she sat down with him and talked through his problems.

Through that conversation, a thorough examination, and her knowledge of previous treatments, Dr.Horn uncovered some hidden dental issues.

Beyond his bite discomfort, Dr. Horn also noticed multiple damaged teeth in need of repair.

Our Plan

Chad needed help with two main points, namely 1.) repairing the damage to his teeth (and preventing more from occurring), and 2.) giving him a more comfortable bite.

This damage had actually been identified and treated previously. However, during the latest examination, Dr. Horn found that the damage wasn’t fully resolved, giving her an opportunity to improve upon her past work.

Our plan had two main parts: non-invasive preparation for treatment, and the actual treatment itself.

Performing preparatory, non-surgical treatment was a vital part of our treatment plan, as we needed to fix the positions of Chad’s jaw and his front teeth.

Doing so would not only improve his comfort, but also make other treatments easier to apply in the future.

Step 1: Deprogramming

Since the main issue Chad was worried about was the comfort of his bite, we decided to start with this to make progress in a relatively short time.

We started with a device called the Kois Deprogrammer (KD). The KD is a plastic appliance that helps to relax the lower jaw and move it to a more comfortable position.

In other words, it “deprograms” unhealthy muscle habits, hence the name.

They say doctors make the worst patients – but although Chad felt frustrated with his original braces and lack of progress, he soon warmed up to the idea and went ahead with treatment.

After only a week, Chad’s jaw had settled into a more natural, comfortable resting position, and we could move on.

Step 2: Invisalign

To prepare for additional treatment, Dr. Horn suggested Invisalign to better align Chad’s lower back teeth to improve his bite.

Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that can straighten teeth without metal braces. Like orthodontic braces, Invisalign gently pushes teeth into the correct position over time.

Because they are clear and easily removable, Invisalign aligners are far less noticeable (and far more comfortable) than traditional metal braces.

The finishing touches

When the patient felt comfortable with the new positions of his teeth and bite, we began the final stage of treatment.

Chad’s back teeth were easy to fix with the right materials. However, with the front teeth, we needed a more creative solution.

We decided on injectable veneers for the front teeth. You may have heard of porcelain veneers, but these are slightly different. With injectable veneers, the patient has immediate control over:

  • Form
  • Shade
  • Opacity
  • Translucency

During treatment, the dentist and patient make adjustments together with immediate feedback and results.

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The Proof Is in the Smile

After all this, Chad commented that the muscle strain in his face had disappeared because he no longer had to physically find a comfortable bite position.

He now realizes how much discomfort he’d unconsciously grown used to, and better yet, he’s experienced less anxiety thanks to having a proper bite.

The final outcome improved Chad’s overall health and well-being, and Chad walked away with a smile any dentist would be proud of.

Need Cosmetic Dentistry in Minneapolis?

Dr. Horn is passionate about her profession and continually looks to improve her dental skills.

As one of only 86 dentists worldwide to receive AACD Fellowship…Open a new window to learn more…, her knowledge and experience place her on the cutting edge of dental technology and practices.

Dr.Horn believes in a unique and individual approach to each treatment. She feels good oral health is a significant aspect of a happier and longer life.

“The power of listening to and understanding your patients’ problems is a significant part of providing a more caring and comfortable dental service.”

Even though Chad is an experienced dentist, he felt anxious about his condition.

If like Chad, you are experiencing discomfort from your procedure or are unsure of your progress, you should feel confident raising your concerns with your dentist.

Even if you’re unsure what the problem is or how you’d like to fix it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help find a solution for your health.

And the next time you’re here, feel free to look at Dr.Loween’s new smile and ask him about his experience in the chair!


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