Let Your Bright Smile Do the Talking.

Teeth whitening in Minneapolis has never been easier. Our team is here to help you achieve and maintain that extravagant smile.

Has your smile lost its luster? There are many factors that play into the lack of luminosity and dullness of your teeth’s shade:

A cigarette illustrates how smoking can affect the color of your teeth.

Smoking directly affects the coloration of the teeth.

A bottle of wine shows how some foods and drinks can stain your teeth.

Wine, coffee and other staining foods.

A birthday cake with the number 65 on it illustrates how age can take a toll on your teeth.

Aging can also take its toll on the shade of your teeth.


Ready to change that?

At Serene Oaks Dental, now you can lift stains – and years! – off your appearance. With just one in-office teeth whitening at our Minneapolis area practice, you’ll be left highly satisfied. Or, watch your smile brighten in the comforts of your own home with our at-home whitening system.

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