More than just dentistry.
The ‘talk of the town’ dentists because quite frankly, we are experts.

Re-defining the idea of cosmetic dentistry for Minneapolis.

We believe in restoring confidence and joy to life’s every moment — and we get it right the first time.
By harmonizing golden proportions for your smile, lips and facial features, then matching it with your eyes and skin tone, we create a more distinct, glowing smile and a younger, fresher you.

‘‘All I ever heard in dental school was how much people hated going to the dentist. 
This pained me so much, that it then became my passion - my goal - to create an experience 
where this idea no longer existed for people.

- Dr. Gesica Horn

‘‘I’ve been privileged to help so many patients-turned-friends to overcome all types of barriers. Because our office feels more like a vacation spot, our care is more personal, fully comprehensive, and certainly beyond any other standard!

- Dr. Chad Loween

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What Comprehensive Care Means For You

The combined abilities and focus from our team of experts are poured into every shimmer,
 every edge of your smile, and organized by your own personal Care Coordinator to make sure 
everything fits your timeline, priorities, and needs—perfectly.


Our flawless technique and anti-anxiety comforts obliterate old-fashioned dentistry.



Set your pace and schedule—stress free. We start at 7am and work through lunch hours every day.



Stretch your pockets with Care Credit to conveniently align with your priorities.


It’s what we do.

Revolutionizing dentistry in Minneapolis

Comprehensive Care Coordinators

Your own personal concierge (aka Care Coordinator) will be at your side every single step of the way:

from greeting to scheduling, previews to consultations, and treatments to long-lasting and incredible smiles.

‘‘She was the only dentist who provided a long term solution for my breaking teeth. They were breaking due to my bite being off. With Dr. Horn’s expertise, she rebuilt my bite and perfected my smile. 
We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

The Skildum’s, Actual Patients

Find different stories, different needs and desires.

‘‘I had been contemplating doing this for a long time but was a bit fearful how it would turn out. Other dentists claimed they could do this for less money. I can’t believe I waited so long, but I’m extremely satisfied with the results from Dr. Horn!

Craig, Actual Patient

A Radiant Smile For a Confident You


Be PROUD of your smile!

It's the first thing people notice about you — and when you feel good about it, it shows. Having a brighter smile is something everyone enjoys! Whether you are getting ready for your big wedding day to planning a fun party, a bright confident smile is a must!

The procedure is quick, simple, and painless. The results can also last up to a year depending on some genetics and habits. Share the smile of your dreams with everyone around you.

Philips Zoom gives you the radiant results you want with a variety of whitening options to fit your lifestyle. And when it comes to whitening — like with everything having to do with your smile — your dentist is your best resource.


‘‘Having my smile back really brought back my confidence and allowed me to be myself again!

Actual Zoom! Whitening Patient

Dr. Horn and Dr. Loween will be thrilled
to meet and exceed your needs!

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