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Bonding By Your Minneapolis Cosmetic Dentist

If you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of your smile, extensive dental treatments aren’t always the answer. Bonding is a conservative way our Minneapolis cosmetic dentist, Dr. Horn, changes the way patients look and feel. As a sort of mini smile makeover, dental bonding is a great way to improve minor imperfections and dental flaws.

Bonding material is composed of a sturdy composite resin and is applied directly to the tooth. Chips, gaps, and slight misalignment of the teeth can all be corrected with the use of dental bonding. Bonding reflects light much like natural tooth enamel, providing a flawless outcome. With a quick application process, bonding can often be completed in one dental visit. The results are a quick, durable, natural looking mini smile makeover that will last for years to come.

Dr. Horn knows what it takes to make a smile look as beautiful and ageless as possible. For any smile concerns, schedule your consultation with our leading cosmetic dentist for Minneapolis.


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