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Let a Cosmetic Dentist in Minneapolis help you Smile with Confidence!

In our Minneapolis dental office, we feel that each and every patient should have a beaming smile to be proud of – one that makes a good impression and shows off exactly who they are.

If this is something you’ve been looking for, Dr. Gesica Horn, a distinguished cosmetic dentist in Minneapolis, is literally changing the lives of her patients through a process called smile design!

Smile design perfectly matches the science of dentistry with precision and art. Through a detailed consultation, Dr. Horn will consider the health of your teeth and mouth, your physical features, and your desired outcome to map out a detailed plan that will get you to the most beautiful, functional smile possible. Each and every individual is unique, and so too is your personal smile design.

Your plan might include one or many cosmetic dental procedures in order to capture the ideal results. What’s certain is that you’ll have a renewed quality of life and confidence, and a stunning smile to go along with it!

Smile design has literally changed lives. If you feel you are insecure and hiding your smile because of dental flaws, this process may be the exact resolution you need. For your smile design consultation with the premier cosmetic dentist for Minneapolis, call Serene Oaks Dental today!

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