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Dismal Problems with Happy Solutions through Cosmetic Dentist in North Oaks!

Cosmetic Dentist North OaksDo you have badly stained teeth that whitening treatments can’t seem to improve? Your cosmetic dentist in North Oaks can help!

Are your teeth badly worn from excessive grinding or etched from carbonated drinks? This cosmetic dentist holds the solution!

Did a wrench slip at work and remove a significant corner of your front tooth? It’s a case for the best cosmetic dentist in town!

Has that gap between your teeth been shaking your smile confidence? Cosmetic dentistry can change that!

There’s a simple solution to all these real-life scenarios. Dental veneers! More specifically, porcelain veneers prepped, designed, and placed by the highly qualified and professional Serene Oaks Dental team! Get the sparkling, uniform smile you’ve always admired in glossy magazines! Learn how amazingly durable and stain resistant porcelain veneers are!

Are you curious about the procedure involved? Following the initial consult with Drs. Horn or Loween, a local anesthetic can be applied to numb your teeth and gums. Just enough enamel will be removed to make room for a veneer. An impression will be taken, and the cast sent for fabrication.

When the veneer has been prepared, your tooth will be cleaned and etched to provide a proper bonding surface. The final touch involves a curing light that activates dental cement to permanently bond the beautiful and natural-appearing veneer to your tooth!

Embrace the smile possibilities by seeking out Drs. Horn or Loween! You’ll soon discover what a talented cosmetic dentist in North Oaks is able to do for you!

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