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Facial Revitalization with Botox Minneapolis–Can it be Yours?

Botox Minneapolis Peering at photos, do you cringe at the facial changes that have occurred? Is your appearance haggard or lined? Dermal fillers and Botox offer Minneapolis residents an exciting alternative, one that will rejuvenate you with a youthful look! Who can provide this? How does it work?

Serene Oaks Dental can boast of training and knowledge of the oral and maxillofacial areas, enabling them to be proficient administrators of facial volume restoration agents. What helped motivate them to introduce Botox and dermal fillers into their practice?

Patients who have gone a period of time without their natural teeth (perhaps receiving dental implants), will many times notice a decrease in facial volume. Though thrilled with their dental restoration, they may wish to have their overall appearance now brought into harmony with their newly restored smile. Deep lines and wrinkles around the lips — these can detract from a pleasing smile. What can be done?

As we age our body’s production of Hyaluronic Acid that acts as a natural filler decreases and this causes facial lines to appear. Botox is a natural and purified protein that relaxes facial muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Keeping these muscles at rest allows the skin to become smoother, creating a more natural and relaxed appearance. Dermal fillers then treat fat and collagen volume loss, softening lines.

At Serene Oaks Dental, properly applied dermal fillers and Botox now help Minneapolis patients achieve that youthful, revitalized glow in their skin! Is that the look you desire? Call today!

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