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Get to Know Your North Oaks Dentists!

At Serene Oaks Dental, your North Oaks dentist office, we want to be your partner in health, but we know we need to earn that place in your life. We know how challenging it can be to choose a dentist for your family’s needs. Will they share your philosophy? Have your same goals in mind? What better way to help you decide than to let you get to know our dentists better, hear what they stand for in their own words, and listen to what our patients are saying about their partnership for health with us.

Meet Dr. Chad Loween – North Oaks Dentist

After graduating from St. John’s University and the Minnesota School of Dentistry, Dr. Loween has continued to pursue education that will allow him to provide the latest and best care to his patients.

“We just want out patients to get the best results, because we really care!”

Hear his thoughts in his own words, and visit our YouTube page to learn more:

Meet Dr. Gesica Horn

Dr. Horn believes in treating the whole person, not just your teeth. She knows your smile can affect how you feel in many of the most important moments of your life. After graduating from the University of North Dakota Undergraduates school as well as the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, she has dedicated her time and energy to providing the best care possible for her patients. She continues to pursue education that will allow her to keep up with new developments in dentistry.

“I make it my personal responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology and training!” 

Learn more about Dr. Horn in her own words, and visit our YouTube page for more information:

We hope we have given you some great information to help you decide if our North Oaks Dentists can be YOUR partner in health. Call our office or visit our site for more information or to schedule your appointment today! In closing, we leave you with the thoughts of one of our patients:

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