The Importance of Tooth Replacement

Unfortunately, tooth loss can happen to just about anyone! Whether teeth are lost due to disease or accident, there are many reasons that missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible. If you have missing teeth, discuss your tooth replacement options with your cosmetic dentist in Minneapolis for the following reasons:

  • Remaining teeth can shift and migrate, causing a misalignment of the teeth and a change in your bite, and may lead to headaches and poor nutrition.
  • Missing teeth can cause slurring of speech, impacting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Missing teeth can make a person prone to gum disease, increasing the risk of heart disease and other health issues.
  • Failing to replace missing teeth can cause the loss of remaining teeth.
  • Replacement using dental implants is ideal, because they are a direct replacement for the root of the tooth. This offers support for the jawbone, decreasing deterioration that can happen if another replacement option is chosen. If missing teeth aren’t replaced quickly and properly, this deterioration can damage your appearance, and make the possibility of dental implants more difficult.

Do you or someone you know have tooth loss and are researching your replacement options? Discuss tooth replacement with our cosmetic dentist in Minneapolis, Dr. Horn. Call today to schedule your consultation. There’s no reason to put off the health and confidence of your smile!

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