Minneapolis Dentist Competes with T.Rex’s Killer Smile

T-Rex and your Minneapolis dentist?What does T. Rex’s killer smile have in common with yours? Your Minneapolis dentist will help you appreciate the similarities.

The March 18, 2012 edition of ScienceDaily commented that one of the most prominent features of life-size models of Tyrannosaurus rex is the fearsome array of flesh-ripping, bone-crushing teeth. Until now, most researchers studying the carnivore’s smile only noted the varying sizes of teeth. But more recently, they note a considerable variation in the serrated edges as well.

“The varying edges, or keels, not only enabled T. rex’s very strong teeth to cut through flesh and bone,” says Reichel, a University of Alberta paleontologist, “the placement and angle of the teeth also directed food into its mouth.”

The following research results may cause flashbacks of certain Jurassic Park scenes, but nonetheless serve to remind us of the important function individual teeth play in eating and digestion, and why missing just one or two can upset the balance of our mouth.

Reichel’s research shows that “the T. rex’s front teeth gripped and pulled, while the teeth along the side of the jaw punctured and tore flesh. The teeth at the back of the mouth did double duty: not only could they slice and dice chunks of prey, they forced food to the back of the throat.”

Perhaps we don’t approach our food with the same voraciousness as a T.Rex, but the size, angle and presence of each and every tooth plays a valuable role in our smile and health that should not be minimized. Follow up on regular dental check-ups and cleanings with recommended treatment to achieve a “killer smile” from your Minneapolis dentist. Visit us today!

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