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Non-Metal Fillings by Your Cosmetic Dentist Near Minneapolis

Putting the health and vitality of your smile first is what puts Dr. Horn of Serene Oaks Dental among the leading cosmetic dentists in Minneapolis. While traditional, silver amalgam fillings are no doubt unsightly, the benefits of non-metal fillings go beyond appearances.

Whether you’re in need of a filling to repair a cavity, or are considering having your current amalgam fillings replaced, non-metal composite fillings are undeniably the best option for the health and structure of the tooth. Because of the materials amalgam fillings are composed of, they expand and contract due to the temperature changes in the foods we eat. This causes stress on the tooth, making it become weak and lead to fractures. These size changes also become a breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of further decay.

Non-metal fillings are a durable option that provide long-lasting results. Designed of composite resin materials, the filling won’t expand and contract as amalgam fillings do. Their solid composition offer teeth a natural looking reinforcement that won’t compromise the structure of the tooth. A natural-looking appearance is simply an added bonus!

At Serene Oaks Dental, our goal is your optimum oral health, well-being and beauty. Call to schedule your exam with one of the best cosmetic dentists for Minneapolis!


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