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Porcelain Veneers offer Minneapolis Clients Storybook Smiles

Clean white smiles with porcelain veneers for MinneapolisIn books, a scar above the hero’s left eyebrow, unruly hair or “sensitive” eyes can all be appreciated as character marks. Advocates of porcelain veneers don’t suggest Minneapolis residents should change such endearing signature qualities as these. However, chipped, permanently yellowed or asymmetrical teeth fall into a more villainous category. What can be done to improve such unwelcome character distinctions?

Through only one or two brief visits with our cosmetic dentistry team at Serene Oaks Dental, you generally will have resolved oral issues that may have aggravated you for years! In short, wafer-thin, attractively designed laminates can be permanently adhered to the front surface of teeth and dramatically improve their appearance. Consider the benefits of veneers for such issues as these:

  • Teeth badly stained and unresponsive to whitening procedures can be beautifully re-covered by veneers with natural looking translucent qualities.
  • Teeth thinned or chipped from excessive grinding or accidents can have exquisitely designed veneers applied, blending them attractively amongst adjacent teeth.
  • Inherited or acquired gaps between teeth can be fantastically lessened by dental veneers. Moderately crooked teeth can be altered too, producing a more congruent and harmonious smile.

Don’t delay when it comes to ridding yourself of unwelcome character flaws! Porcelain veneers prompt Minneapolis smiles–it’s your turn to benefit now!

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