Protect Your Thyroid with Dentistry in the Minneapolis area

A woman getting dental careWhile the incidence of many cancers is declining, thyroid cancer steadily soars. Are there precautionary steps that can be taken to reduce the risk? Dentistry in the Minneapolis area has advanced to help protect your overall health.

Research has proven the thyroid gland to be very sensitive to radiation. This fact was particularly observed in instances where the thyroid inadvertently became exposed during high-dose radiation therapy, targeted at another type of cancer. This exposure subsequently appeared to increase the odds that thyroid cancer would then develop.
Are dental x-rays involving radiation advisable then, being as the sensitive thyroid gland is in such close proximity?

The American Dental Association admits dental x-rays do entail a low dose of radiation, measuring between 0.03 and 0.15 millisieverts. The majority of radiologists do not see this as a matter for concern, since it is thought to only become a danger in larger doses.
At our dentistry practice in Minneapolis, we’ve implemented the most modern technology to bring you digital dental read-outs. Compared to “film”, these contain a lower level of radiation. If radiographs are necessary, Serene Oaks Dental adheres closely to state guidelines and works to maintain your health without overexposure.

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