Friends laughing together with their cosmetic dentist for MinneapolisEven before you started drinking tea and coffee, did your teeth lack the whiteness others appear to have naturally? Our cosmetic dentist offers Minneapolis residents an understanding of why this occurs and what can be done to compensate.

The visible portion of a tooth is made up of a highly mineralized substance called enamel. This enamel is semi-translucent, allowing underlying dentin to strongly affect the color of the tooth. Genetics determine the natural hue of your teeth, ranging from light yellow to grayish white. So coffee, tea, tobacco and other staining commodities aside, your battle may have started with what you inherited.

According to the American Dental Association, people who have a natural yellow undertone have higher degrees of whitening success compared to those with a brownish undertone. For teeth carrying a natural grey hue, whitening them dramatically presents a far greater challenge.

Being that results are somewhat subject to that existing undertone, an evaluation by our Serene Oaks Dental team is highly recommended to ensure you’re matched with the best possible procedure and products.

A bleaching agent can then be used to carry out an oxidation reaction within the enamel and dentin. Oxygen radicals in peroxide whitening agents contact “stains” in the interprismatic spaces of enamel and bleach them to appear whiter. Whiter teeth reflect light to a greater degree, making them appear not only whiter but brighter!

Fight genetics and accumulated stains using our cosmetic dentist for Minneapolis! Make that Serene Oaks Dental appointment today.