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3 Most Frequently Asked Questions From a New Patient

1.) Is it going to hurt?

Dr.  Loween and I, as well as the entire staff make every effort to ensure our patients at Serene Oaks Dental are comfortable the entire time they are having any dental procedure.  We have many amenities that help take your mind off of being at the dental office.  The atmosphere alone helps set the mood for comfort.

2.)  You mean it’s not normal to have bleeding gums?

NO,NO, NO! Bleeding is a red flag for infection.  It is very important for our patients at Serene Oaks Dental to have regular recare visits in order for us to catch early signs of infection.  If the  bad bacteria in the mouth is not properly being removed, it can start to infect the gum tissue (causing bleeding) and if not treated properly can start to infect the underlying jaw bone.  Flossing on a regular basis is a great way to remove bacteria underneath the gum tissue and between the teeth.  If you still bleed with flossing there may be residual bacteria that needs to be removed by a professional in order to keep the mouth healthy.

3.) Why is it important to visit the dentist at least twice a year?

Not only are Dr.  Loween and I looking for cavities and initial signs of gum disease, but sometimes we are the first line of defense for finding oral cancer. Oral cancer can be a very disfiguring if not deadly disease and this is a large reason to be seen on a regular basis.

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